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ThetaHealing® is a revolutionary mind/body healing technique that is simple yet highly effective. ThetaHealing® creates permanent change by working at the cellular level, actually re-programming neural patterns in order to allow our minds, bodies, and spirits to become aligned in an orderly and flowing manner. ThetaHealing® restores our rightful connection to the Universe and to ourselves, our own bodies.  Tara Greenway practices ThetaHealing in New York City and is one of the founding partners of ThetaHealingNYC, a ThetaHealing school and center in Manhattan (ThetaHealingNYC.com). Hit CONTACT to arrange a ThetaHealing appointment with Tara.

If you like Tara’s quantum webpage, also drop by her blog, at DayToDayDivine.wordpress.com, about spotting small, sometimes elusive moments of the divine when they surface through the commotion of our day-to-day lives. More inspiring than Facebook, less aggravating than Angry Birds!


“Enlightenment is the realization of your own connection to the Universe.”

– Vianna Stibal

The information on this website is intended to enlighten, educate, and provide hope. It is not intended to treat anyone medically or psychologically. You know that just reading this website doesn’t mean you are in a client/practitioner relationship with the owner of the website, don’t you? Viewing this website of course doesn’t take the place of pursuing medical care. You are responsible for yourself, and you are doing a pretty good job so far, searching the Internet like you are in order to become the highest and best person you possibly can be, so keep up the good work.