How Does ThetaHealing® Work?

The scientific basis of ThetaHealing® consists of two main categories, quantum and epigenetic:

Quantum Stuff
We are quantum beings. This simple fact is the beginning of understanding how and why ThetaHealing® works. We are not merely physical beings, made of matter. We are literally systems of energy — vortexes of possibility, determined and re-determined second by second.

Scientists proved early in the last century that classical physics — that is, the theory that we are made up of solid sub-atomic particles whose activities can be understood and reliably predicted — is not entirely accurate. Quantum theory reveals that we are not really bodies made up of teeny particles of matter, but matrixes made up of probabilities, which can and do change from moment to moment, and cannot be accurately predicted. You can read volumes about quantum theory and how it has replaced the old science a la Isaac Newton, but here on this webpage, let’s allow the cell biologist and author Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. to sum it up for us succinctly in this tidbit from his enlightening book Biology of Belief (Elite Books, 2005): “Einstein revealed that we do not live in a universe with discrete, physical objects separated by dead space. The Universe is one indivisible, dynamic whole in which energy and matter are so deeply entangled it is impossible to consider them as independent elements.”

An important concept in both the quantum and the ThetaHealing® worlds is the observer effect: the fact that, as proven to surprised scientists in studies, the act of observation itself has a measurable effect on the behavior of sub-atomic particles. This has been shown in the famous “two-slit experiment,” conducted originally by Thomas Young in the early 1800s, and again by Claus Jonsson in 1961 (with such significant ramifications that over 40 years later, in 2002, it was voted “most beautiful experiment” by Physics World readers). It was performed again, with electrons instead of photons, in 1974; and again with more advanced equipment in 1989. Each time, researchers find the same amazing and confounding result, which they then theorize for decades about: the simple act of being observed changes the behavior of subatomic particles.(1) Why is this important to us when we consider healing? Because it reveals that we are all (somewhat mysteriously but nonetheless empirically) connected and cannot be un-connected; and because it shows us that if we have an observer (who in our case is the ThetaHealer®, the actions of the particles (in our case, the ones in the client’s body) change from what they otherwise would have been.

Again, let’s turn for clarification to a scientist, this time a physicist, who has authored a book that makes quantum physics understandable to us laypeople….Amit Goswami, Ph.D, in his excellent book The Quantum Doctor (Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2004), says: “In quantum physics, objects are calculated as waves of possibility, not as determined movements. It is observation by an observer that precipitates a definite event out of the various possibilities.” How does this apply to ThetaHealing® again? The ThetaHealer® in each session specifically, step by step, guides the client to choose different, healthier possibilities, and then serves as the observer of those changes as they take effect in the client’s body. Health therefore suddenly come within reach, quantum-style.

One more awesome aspect of quantum change: it is, by definition, fast. This may be the hardest part of the whole ThetaHealing® ball for people — adults, anyway — to grasp. (That’s because we are so used to living within the constraints of time. When we ThetaHealers® work on kids or animals, they have no problem with healing happening rapidly, without worrying about how much time it “should” take. If anything, they figure it should be fast!). So how can Theta transform our minds/bodies/spirits so quickly? By utilizing the quantum concepts of discontinuity and downward causation… and even the concept and definition of consciousness itself. (Don’t worry, we will again interpret the quantum physics of it all into chunks of information understandable to the rest of us; read on!)

Electrons, as you may or may not remember from your high school science classes, orbit around the nucleus of an atom. Their movements are continuous; you know, they circle around and around and around in a nice, comfortable, predictable, wavelike way. But sometimes, an electron jumps from one orbit to another. The electron does not circle smoothly around into a different orbit like a car gliding around the on ramp of a circular expressway. It’s more like it disappears from one orbit and then appears in another one, not at all like a wave, but like a particle — a really sneaky one.(2) (Einstein called it “spooky,” actually.) This is discontinuous movement, or a quantum leap, according to the physicist Neils Bohr. So, would you like to heal in a continuous, slow way, or a quantum, fast way? It’s up to you; either way is fine, or you could combine the two. But just so you know, there is a quantum way. It is real.

Downward causation is just a model of how everyday physical change happens, a sort of pyramid of levels. Let’s start out by thinking of the more typical model, upward causation, the one we are used to in our everyday world: At the very bottom level is subatomic particles. Then one level up from that is atoms, and one more level up is molecules. The next level up is cells (including neuron cells), then the brain (made up of neuron cells). At the very top level is consciousness. So Western healing would start at the bottom, with, for example, a medication interacting with the atoms and molecules in our bodies, and the healing would travel upward to our brains, making them, for example, process pain signals differently (or whatever the medication is for).(3)

This is a pretty good way of healing; it masks pain and all kinds of other undesirable symptoms. The thing is, it takes some time to do this. Sometimes it takes just half an hour, like how long it takes to feel the effects of two aspirin, but sometimes it takes a couple of months, like how long it takes to feel the effects of some anti-depressants. Mind/body healing does things differently: it starts with consciousness, then works its way down (which is why we call it downward causation). So you get the same result, but a lot faster; and also without the side effects of things that utilize upward causation. ThetaHealing® creates changes at the consciousness level, and then the changes work their way downward all the way to our subatomic particles. Sounds good, no real problem so far, right?

But some people have tried to use this downward causation model to do things like manifest a million dollars or a new car. Then others have gotten all upset and pointed out that the downward causation model doesn’t make sense, because what if one person decides they will use their consciousness to make one thing happen (like win the lottery, say) and another person decides they will use their consciousness to make one thing happen (like winning the same lottery as the first guy)? Even if one of them does win, that would mean the other loses, and that would mean it didn’t work. Wait: this is where it’s vitally important to fully grasp the meaning of consciousness.

Remember what we’ve found out the quantum universe is: an interconnected and somewhat mysterious whirl of probabilities of energy. The operative word here is interconnected. In order to properly utilize the downward causation model of healing, we must keep in mind that when we begin healing at the consciousness level, we don’t mean just the level of the ego of the individual. We mean the level of the unitive consciousness, the interconnected consciousness of the universe; and this universal consciousness chooses objectively. This objective universal consciousness has actually been studied in published research.(4) Amit Goswami tells us in Quantum Doctor that none other than Erwin Schrodinger, the famous physicist, said that “consciousness is a singular for which there is no plural.” In other words, if we recognize the ultimate interconnectedness of the universe, including ourselves, we see that we are in fact both “healee” and “healer,” since we are a tiny part of a great grid of energy. So instantaneous healing, a somewhat daunting phrase, becomes really not that big a deal, since it is simply one part of something (the universal consciousness) changing another part of something (the universal consciousness).

In ThetaHealing®, we always use the universal consciousness level: we call it going to Source. ThetaHealers® don’t make decisions about what a client should or shouldn’t do, or about precisely how they should heal. We just connect to Source via the theta brainwave and specifically ask Source, over and over, to create the highest and best change in the person receiving healing. It’s hard to say, as a ThetaHealer®, if what I do is so hard to explain I shouldn’t even try, because it involves quantum physics, or so easy to explain I shouldn’t even worry about it. It’s just remembering who you are in relation to the rest of the universe. It’s just quantum physics. It’s just healing.

Epigenetics Stuff:
ThetaHealing® can be further explained by looking at the science of epigenetics. The literal translation of the word epigenetics is “control above genetics,” and that is exactly what this cutting-edge science studies: how our genes are controlled not just by their DNA but by their environment. That is, although genes are indeed programmed by their original DNA, it has been scientifically proven that they can be and are constantly re-programmed by their environment.(5)

Studies show that genes cannot turn themselves on and off; they cannot program themselves. Instead, they are continuously affected by their immediate environment: things like nutrition, medicine, stress, or emotions.(6) This bit of science is vitally important to you and me, because it means that no matter how we started out, we can change our selves, our very cells, and therefore our lives. This is why ThetaHealing® is so effective: it operates at the cellular level, literally changing the way our minds and bodies work.

How ThetaHealing® creates permanent change:
But how does ThetaHealing® actually physically create these changes? Simply put, we have receptor cells all over our bodies. They each have a specific vibration. We also have neuropeptides running throughout our whole bodies. (Scientists used to believe neuropeptides were mainly in our brains, but in the past couple of decades researchers such as Dr. Candace Pert have proven that these important little information carriers are found nearly everywhere in our bodies. This gives scientific basis to the concepts of body intelligence and cell memory.)(7) Each neuropeptide has a specific vibration, just like the receptor cells each have a certain vibration. When a neuropeptide meets a receptor cell that vibrates at its same frequency, the two connect: the neuropeptide is allowed into that cell rather than passing it by.(8) One way to change the pattern of neuropeptide flow in our minds and bodies, then, is to change the vibration of the receptor cells.

This is what ThetaHealing® does: it changes the vibration of the receptor cells. The vibration is, of course, energy. Quantum physics tells us that everything in the universe, including our bodies, is made up of energy. The factors mentioned above that can change the environment of our cells — medicine, nutrition, stress, emotions — each have their specific energy. We are not solid beings whose parts run like the parts of a clock, as we used to imagine ourselves in the days of Isaac Newton and old science. We are part of the quantum age! Therefore it is not a huge leap to understand that since we are made up of energy — vibrating cells, over 50 trillion of them — then we can use energy to change ourselves. This is what mind/body healing does.

What actually happens during a ThetaHealing® session
So now we know that ThetaHealing® is based on the science of quantum physics and epigenetics. It also relies on the technique of kinesiology, or muscle response testing. During a session, the practitioner pinpoints the core structures that need to be changed by going into a theta brainwave. Theta is a very slow wave, the same brainwave you would go into during a very deep meditation, but ThetaHealers® go into and out of it very quickly. In the theta state, the practitioner can communicate with Source and with the client. Using this theta brainwave, we ascertain exactly what areas need change.

The client then works with the practitioner by unearthing any negative beliefs and giving permission every step of the way for the practitioner to re-pattern the cells that need to change in order to result in healing. In order to circumvent the conscious mind and immediately access the unconscious, the practitioner uses kinesiology by lightly pulling at the client’s finger and thumb to get either a strong or weak response, which is the body’s way of saying “yes” or “no.” This way we are not using guesswork or even logic to get at the root of the problem: we are actually asking the client’s body, the cells, to show us the way. We then go directly to Source — not the energy of the practitioner — to transform the structures and patterns that need to change.

The fact that everything in a ThetaHealing® session is done by connecting to Source is the main reason ThetaHealing® is so effective. This method does not rely on the faith of the client, the wisdom of the practitioner, or the interaction of any herb, sound, or other substance. It relies completely upon Source, the loving energy of the Divine that runs throughout the universe, to transform the structures the client needs to heal.

Clients report that even if they came into their ThetaHealing® sessions full of doubt or anxiety about mind/body techniques, their experience during the session was a combination of warmth, compassion, humor, and catharsis. Most also report feeling lighter and more joyful immediately after their session for several days. Of course the ultimate goal is long-lasting and real change, and the majority of clients report this as well.

From this simple technique of ThetaHealing®, many profound physical, emotional, and spiritual healings have come about. ThetaHealing® does not take the place of medical advice, but works well hand in hand with Western medicine and psychotherapy. Please visit the Testimonials page to read about other people’s experiences with ThetaHealing, or simply email to book a session with Tara in her Manhattan office or by telephone.

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