1. Is ThetaHealing®permanent, or do you have to keep saying affirmations or having sessions for it to work?
The changes ThetaHealing® causes are permanent, and clients do not need to say affirmations or keep coming in for sessions in order to reap the full benefit of Theta work.

2. Is ThetaHealing energy work, like Reiki or polarity therapy?
ThetaHealing® does not have that much in common with these hands-on energy techniques. Theta relies more on the science of epigenetics, quantum dynamics and kinesiology, as explained on the How Does ThetaHealing® Work? page on this website. ThetaHealing® is not a hands-on energy technique; it heals by using the power of Source to change the vibrational patterns of the client’s cells, thus changing the way they feel and their patterns of thinking and behavior.

3. What are the side effects of ThetaHealing® ?
There are no side effects or risks with ThetaHealing® .

4. Do I have to choose between getting ThetaHealing® and taking my regular medication or going to my doctor?
No. Theta works well in conjunction with regular medical treatment, and you are encouraged to use any form of healing, including Western medical doctors, therapists, etc., to achieve health. Most ThetaHealing® practitioners are not also medical doctors, thus do not give advice as to whether a client should or should not take medications. This is completely up to the client and the client’s doctor. If clients wish to reduce the dosage of a medication or decide they’d prefer to go off a med, they must work with their doctors to wean their bodies off the medication slowly. They make this decision themselves, working in conjunction with their MD. Healing comes in all different forms, including surgery, medication… and of course alternative methods.

5. Do you use massage or any kind of healing touch during ThetaHealing® ?
No. There is barely any physical contact between the practitioner and client in these techniques. The exception is that when the practitioner uses kinesiology, or muscle response testing, she touches the finger and thumb of the client to see if their muscles are showing a strong or weak response. Also, the practitioner often asks the client permission to touch their hands while the practitioner goes into the theta brainwave, but this is not required and is completely up to the client.

6. How many sessions do most people need before they get better? And how much does a session cost?
The number of sessions necessary varies from client to client. Some clients have great success in just one session; others need many sessions over a period of time to address a deep-seated and complex condition. But most clients find they can create significant physical and emotional change in 3 to 5 sessions. Sessions are an hour and cost $200. At the end of each session, the practitioner makes a recommendation regarding whether another session is necessary, and the client of course makes the final decision about whether to make another appointment. The benefits of even one ThetaHealing session are great; the more you have, the more you can change your body, mind, and life. Experience tells me that the changes ThetaHealing causes in clients’ lives are more than worth the cost of sessions.

7. Can I get ThetaHealing® over the phone or by Skype?
Yes, you can receive ThetaHealing® by telephone or Skype.

8. Do you take insurance? What if I want this work done but I just can’t afford it?
I wish I could accept insurance, but I can’t. Insurance companies have not yet come to the place where they cover CAM, or complementary alternative medicine, except for a few companies that will cover some specific short-term acupuncture, chiropractor or psychotherapy fees. This is because insurance companies, like many medical doctors, feel that they cannot recognize the effectiveness of a technique until it undergoes replicable, peer-reviewed, double-blind scientific studies. ThetaHealing® would probably hold up very well in a study like this, but this type of study requires tens of thousands of dollars and the interest of several researchers. While ThetaHealing® techniques have been tested by doctors with equipment like the electroencephalogram (which verify that practitioners are going into the theta brainwave in a matter of seconds, and that their pulse and breathing rates drop while in theta), and many clients do have medical tests like X-rays, blood work and brain scans from before and after ThetaHealing® that show marked improvement for no other reason than from Theta work, ThetaHealing® has not thus far undergone the type of rigorous scientific examination required by insurance companies. (if anyone can get funding for Theta research, please get in touch!).

I do have a sliding scale for those who would like to receive ThetaHealing but are unemployed, and I will work out a payment plan (where clients pay the full fee but over two or three installments) for those who are employed but find it completely impossible to pay full price for sessions.  Please keep in mind that the changes that occur in your body, mind, and life when you receive ThetaHealing are worth the price of the sessions many times over.